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Crochet Planter With Cotton Pom-Poms (5.5"D x 5.5"H)

Crochet Planter With Cotton Pom-Poms (5.5"D x 5.5"H)

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  • 100% Natural
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If you’re looking to add warmth, texture and style to your home - then crochet is the way to go!
Crochet is an age-old weaving technique that results in an intricate handwoven pattern. These patterns blend well with any kind of home decor, and the cotton pom poms are a lively finishing touch to the warm, natural vibe of the planter.
This piece takes around 3-4 hours to create and is as handmade as they come!
Show your plants some love by housing them in this delightful, crocheted planter and proudly showcasing it in your home, on your work desk or at your study table!

Fun Fact

During the potato famine in Ireland during the 1840s, crochet centres were set up around the land, which produced crochet items sold to English aristocrats. This provided a steady income to many Irish families and saved many lives!
Even today, hundreds of farmer-families use this technique to create an sell items to sustain themselves in non-farming seasons.


Make this a cozy place for your plants at your home or office work desk or use it to store stationery items, charger-cables, earphones, toys or other odds-and-ends.



Cotton Pom Pom




5 inch diameter, 5 inch height

Care Instructions

• Spot clean as needed using a damp (not wet) cloth with plain water. Don’t use soap or any other cleaning products as they could damage or fade the product.
• And if required, dry in Shade.
• To remove crumbs, clean the product with a soft bristle brush.
• Avoid pulling on loose yarns. If necessary, clip them to be even.
• Blot to remove excess water and air dry.
• Due to the natural materials used and the handcrafted construction, each placement will vary slightly in terms of colours and dimensions. It is as unique as you!

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Customer Reviews

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Deepa Sharma
A super amazing product

A perfect and cute product for showcasing plants with elegance

Shalini T.

Love the Pom poms.