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Black Raffia Embroidered Golden Grass Coasters

Black Raffia Embroidered Golden Grass Coasters

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  • 100% Natural
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Did someone say handwoven, rustic paddy stubble coasters, accentuated with black Raffia embroidery around the edges? 
Yes, please!
Allow your beverages to rest easy on these classy, intricately designed coasters made from 100% organic and sustainable materials. Repurposing paddy stubble as opposed to burning it has a significant impact on our carbon footprint. 
Trust us when we say, bringing a set of these coasters home is not adding something beautiful addition to your coffee table or work desk, it’s also doing a tremendous service to our planet! Now that’s what we call a Win-Win situation! :)

Fun Fact

Every year around 15-20 million tones of crop stubble (mainly rice straw) is burnt in India, producing large amounts of smoke and polluting our planet. Converting this stubble into baskets and other products is a great way to reuse and repurpose this material, rather than simply setting it ablaze (which, aside from being plain wasteful, seems rather archaic!)


Protect your surfaces from wet marks from hot and cold drinks.
Can be used on coffee tables, work desks or dining tbles.


Paddy Stubble


Black Raffia


4 inch diameter

Care Instructions

• Spot clean as needed using a damp (not wet) cloth with plain water. Don’t use soap or any other cleaning products as they could damage or fade the product.
• And if required, dry in Shade.
• To remove crumbs, clean the product with a soft bristle brush.
• Avoid pulling on loose yarns. If necessary, clip them to be even.
• Blot to remove excess water and air dry.
• Due to the natural materials used and the handcrafted construction, each placement will vary slightly in terms of colours and dimensions. It is as unique as you!

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