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Braided Paddy Stubble Placemat With Wooden Beaded Edges (Pack of 3)

Braided Paddy Stubble Placemat With Wooden Beaded Edges (Pack of 3)

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  • 100% Natural
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This placemat is a glorious marriage of braids and beads.
Handcrafted from repurposed Paddy Stubble, this eco-friendly placemat makes for a beautiful addition to your dining table, countertops or office desks! The wooden beaded edges add warmth and wholesomeness to the placemat while also contributing to its durability.

(Pro Tip: If you want to get creative - let this beauty accompany you into the great outdoors as you host a dinner party out in the open for friends and family!)

Fun Fact

Every year around 15-20 million tones of crop stubble (mainly rice straw) is burnt in India, producing large amounts of smoke and polluting our planet. Converting this stubble into baskets and other products is a great way to reuse and repurpose this material, rather than simply setting it ablaze (which, aside from being plain wasteful, seems rather archaic!)


Use as trivets for hot dishes or as a mat to protect your surfaces from spills and stains.
Use them to liven up your work desk and also prevent cratches from items like laptops/photo frames.
Place on shelves or countertops - under vases, photo frames or other showpieces.


Paddy Stubble




13 inch diameter

Care Instructions

• Spot clean as needed using a damp (not wet) cloth with plain water. Don’t use soap or any other cleaning products as they could damage or fade the product.
• And if required, dry in Shade.
• To remove crumbs, clean the product with a soft bristle brush.
• Avoid pulling on loose yarns. If necessary, clip them to be even.
• Blot to remove excess water and air dry.
• Due to the natural materials used and the handcrafted construction, each placement will vary slightly in terms of colours and dimensions. It is as unique as you!

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful packing lovely stuff


Too expensive

Amazon Customer

Pricey. Classy looking. Decent sized. Modestly durable. Slightly difficult to clean

Amazon Customer

Beautiful and classy. Well made. They are packed into a nice cloth bag. I had bought a basket earlier, which was lovely too.


Same as the image, I'm extrmly hpy with the product and the packaging... 👍👍