About Us

At Nobbys we believe it's time for a radical shift in the way we go about living.
Our lifestyles celebrate the convenience and utility of single-use, "hassle-free" plastic. It’s anywhere and everywhere - from our kids’ lunchboxes, to the clothes we wear, to the cars we drive - everything has been bitten by the plastic-bug. And sure, we understand why. It’s cheap, convenient and fast to produce. It’s durable, and gets the job done.

But, we must ask ourselves - at what cost? Is saving a few bucks on a toothbrush really worth destroying our planet over? We won't bore you with the statistics of how plastic is suffocating our sea-creatures and clogging up landfills, because you know that already.

But the problem is - all the alternatives available are barely good enough. There are limited options that work just as well for you and the planet. And in many cases, choosing a sustainable route means having to make a compromise. We’re here to change that. We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between your needs or Mother Earths’ and we’re here to make sure we get the best of both worlds.


We fused together sustainable materials and tasteful, modern, design-sensibilities to bring you impeccably crafted, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly home decor. But assembling eco-friendly items by the barrel in smog-emitting factories with power-guzzling machines seems pretty counterintuitive, no? We agree.

Which is why, nothing you see in the Nobby’s store is mass-produced. Each one of our pieces is hand-crafted, by skilled artisans with decades of experience. A single item can take anywhere between 2-4 hours to create!

We work closely with our artisans and treat them and their work with the love, respect and admiration that it deserves. We believe in holding ourselves to a higher standard, both ethically and in terms of quality. We believe it's time to be aware of what we buy, where it comes from and how it's made and we pledge to be responsible, transparent and open about all of those things.

We promise to bring you consciousness, care and creativity - every step of the way.


Nobbys is registered Trademark of "Fiwire Systems", situated at First Floor, 581, Udyog Vihar Phase V, Gurgaon 122016.