laundry basket

How are Nobbys Laundry Baskets different?

Laundry Basket is very much of a utility when it comes to household chores. And they are a great productivity enhancer because you collect your laundry at one place and then this laundry can be directly put in the washing machine in one shot. 

Nobbys Laundry Baskets aim to offer a luxurious, natural yet completely functional experience so as to make your home look beautiful and organic. These are a better alternative than the plastic laundry baskets because 

    1. Natural and organic look: The plastic cannot give the same look as the natural. It loses its shine after some time and looks mundane. Whereas Nobbys Natural Laundry Baskets made of natural materials like jute, cotton, paddy straw etc give your home a natural and organic look, and bring peaceful and calming vibes to your home.You have bought a new home or renovated its interiors, and yet you wouldn’t want to spoil it by putting a plastic basket.
    2. Durability: Our laundry baskets are sturdy and durable, maintain their shape throughout and won’t bend while putting  the clothes in. We understand the inconvenience in fabric or mesh based laundry baskets that bend when the clothes are being put inside. Unlike other jute baskets that are being delivered in crushed and pressed form, we send the baskets in the same shape as you see.
    3. Bathroom friendly- Bathrooms are undoubtedly among the most expensive places of a home. And what better place than a bathroom or a dressing room to have a laundry basket for convenience. Our Jute Laundry Baskets and Cotton Laundry Baskets are perfect for bathroom as they won’t get spoilt with water. Our other laundry baskets made of Golden Grass and Seagrass are not water-friendly and should not be kept in bathroom.


In a nutshell, Nobbys Laundry Baskets will definitely elevate your home to the next level  while maintaining its durability and longevity. Apart from Laundry Baskets, we have storage organizers, wardrobe organizers, table mats, rugs, tissue boxes to make your home look more beautiful and organic.

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